New Quarters In Progress

Work on the Nova continues at Tim's Body & Glass in Joplin, MO. Robert's been hard at it installing both left and right new quarter panels.  Although the car was decently straight when it went to the shop, once sanding started it was quickly observed there was a TON of bondo on the rear quarters. Robert said "Whoever did these quarters last time really sucked at metal work, but he was an artist with Bondo.."  The good news is he figured there must have been 40 lbs of Bondo back there, so getting this fixed will take some more weight off the car. Between that and sanding off the majority of the old paint jobs, the car might actually come back lighter than it was. The new paint will be Lexus Indigo Blue Pearl - a bit darker than the old color. I'm starting to get excited about the Nova coming back home so I can get back to work on it! I've been quite busy and haven't updated the blog here for quite a while. Hopefully I'll get some time to start getting it updated a bit more often as the reassembly progresses.
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