As you’ve probably figured out, this site isn’t about the movie actor, instead it’s about things I, John Heard like to do for fun, which is Drag Racing.  This blog is something I play with to test things out, and since I owned the domain I figured I would do something with it. You won’t read much about search engine marketing here, and there isn’t anything for sale except maybe a few used Hot Rod Parts,  but you might see something in the code from time to time while we test something out on a site that isn’t about making money.

In regards to Marketing and SEO, some say I’m SEO 1.0. I was the 13th person to sign up on Danny Sulivan’s SEO list back when he started it. I was involved back in the 90’s when everyone used to work on Infoseek, Altavista and Excite back when it all got started. Over the years I’ve been a computer programmer – old school that is aka Cobal, RPG, etc., a Manufacturing Engineeer designing, wiring and programming industrial equipment (that was fun) and then the Internet came about, that changed everything!

I’ve spoken and many of the original Search Engine Strategies Conferences in the past but haven’t been involved for a few years. I’m also known for some software I wrote back in the late 90’s called IP Delivery. I’ve worked with Planet Ocean for over 18 years on various projects writing and assisting with technical help for their subscribers answering tens of thousands of SEO related questions and assisting people. Currently I manage a number of speciality websites that are involved in Drag Racing and consult on a wide variety of SEO problems for companies.

On the personal side, I’m quite involved in Drag Racing and campaign a 1971 Nova in a Heads Up class called MAKO 10.5 and various Drag Radial classes such as X275. Racing is something else I spend a lot of time on and highly enjoy. This blog is a place where I can share some history on the car and racing, and a little bit of code here and there…

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John Heard

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  • John Hilderbrand

    Well done John!
    john h

    December 17, 2008 at 9:59 pm

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