Reassembly Begins

After the mandatory one week "Don't Touch It!" rule expired, we finally got a chance to start putting trim back on. Chris & I got most of the front end put back on it except for front bumper lights which I have a bit more work to finish on those. ¬†Well, let's put it this way, they look like crap and are heavy, so I want to do something different with them. Started in on the taillights, but ran into a few snags. Apparently¬†the resistors I was going to use on the LED Lights to cut the brightness down on the running lights are too small as they get pretty hot. So I have to chase down some higher wattage ones to be on the safe side. I used the ones that came with the lights from, but seems a bit to toasty so going to use some higher wattage ones. It's really awesome to be putting stuff back on once again!