Fenders are back from body shop

We're finally getting some progress again on ol' Blue. My friends Robert, Ashley and Cody brought over the Fenders, Hood and Bumper Saturday. The car sure looks better with the body parts back on it! I had to throw them on real quick just to see what it looks like but still need to fab up some dzus rails on it. I had Robert fill in the old hood pin holes which seemed like a good idea after losing the hood previous, but  I'm not sure how well I'm going to like having to mess with the dzus fasteners, guess we'll see.

Chris and I have been debating on setting up the front end like people do the 1 piece fiberglass ones. We saw Justin Martin last year at Ozark running a setup like that, and it sure made it nice to work on in the pits. Bad part is I think it's real easy to scratch the paint on something like that.  Anyway, I've been having fun trying to find all the parts I took off and remembering what I needed to put the front end back together.

Next stop for the car is the chassis shop for a 25.3 upgrade. That means I have to completely strip the car. I've got most of the wiring out, and we're working on removing all the stuff in the trunk right now. Hopefully by next week I'll have the old cage out, the interior gutted, trunk gutted, etc. and have it ready to take to the chassis shop.  After much debate and thinking, the plan is to put all the bars in for a 25.3 cage above the floorboard, but 25.5 underneath for now. The idea being that down the road if we want to upgrade it, the upper half of the cage won't have to be redone, just add all the x bars under the floor and switch to round tube subframe connectors.


julven » 13 Feb 2010 »

Will it be ready for any racing later this season?Who is doing the up grade for you?
I chipped my new paint this morning doing something stupid.

John » 14 Feb 2010 »

I hope it’ll be ready this season, but there is a lot to do. It has to go to the body shop when it gets finished at the chassis shop. Riffel Motorsports (Kurt Riffel) is doing the cage upgrade.

On the chip – that always happens, you got it out of the way now and it’s ready to race!