RTRA Race at North Star Dragway – New PB

RTRA Race at North Star Dragway – New PB

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSBjEmnefPM” title=”4.63 Pass at RTRA Race in Texas”]

Chris & I decided to end the 2016 racing season with a visit to North Start Dragway down in Denton, TX, and MAN was that a awesome adventure. Everyone has told me for years how good the track prep was down there, and until you get on it, you just don’t get HOW good it is.

We started out with the same tune up we had in the car at Tulsa, but with tighter shocks and another 10 lbs on the nose, first pass it power wheeled, had to pedal it and went 4.86. Next pass, we took travel out and put on another 20 lbs on the nose. THAT worked, the car went a 1.10 60′, 3.02 to the 330′, and 4.63@151! Wow… We were really pumped after that one, and I KNEW the car had a 50 in it for sure.

So next pass we put another 10 lbs in the nose, pulled travel down some more, another flat on the shocks and put a more aggressive ramp in it. It went 1.17 on the back tires but power wheeled again and had to pedal to a 4.81. Final qualifier the next day in the heat I attempted to better the 4.63 pass a little, and we spun.

1st Round of eliminations we backed it back down to what we thought was needed, but the nut behind the wheel had a brain fart and left before the tree dropped. To much adrenaline I suppose, going to have to work on that one a it. But all in all, we had a great time, enjoyed hanging out with a lot of friends, meet a bunch of new folks and put the car in the trailer running in one piece, can’t complain about that at all.String Pot

Learned a lot about what the car wants with that sort of track so have plans for this off season to make it easier to work with next year. One of the first updates is the addition of a front travel sensor – we have a ride height sensor, but that doesn’t show actual shock travel and when the car hits the travel limiter, so going to add this lil’ fella on the left front.   

Shocks are going back to Santhuff, they are wore out and no longer responding to changes at their tightness range where we need them to, so going to get those update and some fresh springs on the front. We’ll probably do some changes to the engine and nitrous system this winter to try and eek out a bit more HP as well.

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