71′ Nova Door Weight Savings

71′ Nova Door Weight Savings

Last night I got started working on removing a bit of weight from the doors on the Nova and found there is quite a bit of savings there.

Window and door handle hardware, window regulator and misc. hardware totaled 6.4 lbs. Door glass weighed 10.8 lbs and the vent window 4.31 lbs. I’m estimating the lexan to weigh in approximately 1/2 of the weight of the glass, which should yield a savings somewhere around 15 lbs per door, a total of around 30 lbs savings.

I’m going to be setting it up like a 1973 Nova that doesn’t have vent windows to get that extra ~ 4 lbs of weight. Sure, I’ll miss the vent windows as they are real nice to let some air in the cockpit when you’re on the return road, but even more interested in getting that 8 lbs out. For door handles, I’m going to make some aluminum handles like what the guys with fiberglass doors use at the top of the door. They will save a little weight, and make it easier to get the door open with all those door bars in the way.

I’ll also be doing some work to the doors as well, and I’d bet I can get at least 2-4 lbs there, so I’m hoping we’ll end up saving around 40 lbs when it’s all said and done.

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Jamie.carroll@talecris.com » 20 Aug 2010 »

John, good to see your still finding ways to shed weight! Have you figured out how you will fasten the lexan yet? Will you do custom fit or will you by sheet and cut it to fit?

John » 20 Aug 2010 »

I have a pretty good idea, I’m going to attempt to drill and tap the windshield channel and use machine screws. The side windows will just be locked in place inside the regular window seals. Going to attempt to make them out of sheet lexan, I think the only one that might be a problem will be the front window.

julven » 10 Sep 2010 »

How is this working? We started on ours this week I hadn’t got a weight yet so that is good to know.I got curved sheets from Percy’s and I had some 74 Nova reg asm to try and keep it where it will roll up and down for VAMP.We are scared to cut the stuff they gave me an awesome deal on it and enough to make some mistakes but still shy to start cutting.

John » 11 Sep 2010 »

Doors are gutted now and I’ve finished up making “Pro Mod” style door handles/latches that mount at the top of the door. Overall I think we ditched close to 50 lbs. Door center was about 6 lbs per side, not sure that was a good idea, made them pretty flimsy.

Craig W. » 13 Sep 2010 »

Serious weight reduction here. Not much chance of ever going back to a street car now! 🙂

Now that my engine is out again, I’m going to break out the sawzall on the middle of my subframe. I’m trying to get it down to a 3000 lb. race weight for some local stuff that’s starting to get popular. I’ll have to bolt in a bunch for Outlaw 8.5.