25.3 Cage – More Progress…

The cage on the Nova is coming along nicely. Chris and I went to check it out and drop off some parts Saturday and was pleased to see door bars, main front hoop and the main funny car portions all in.

There's a few more bars and gussets yet to put in but hey it's coming along! It's going to be weird driving the car now, I'm so used to the stock steering wheel position and "too tall" seat, feels more like a race car now.

Roof Bars Kurt told me he weighed the old steering column and it was 25 lbs! I knew it was heavy, but that's more than I would have guessed. Not sure what the new one will weigh, but I know the steering wheel and quick release hub are only about 1.5 lb or so.

On another note, I got my heads back from Pro-Filer Friday, intake should be here Tuesday so I can start getting the engine back together. Looks like I'm going to have a busy summer getting this thing running again.

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