Reducing Front Fender Weight – Part 2

Nova Front Fender After Weight Reduction Success! I got more out of the fender than I initially thought I would..  Initial weight was 25.59 lbs, after removing the hood spring mount pieces, trimming the fender lip, removing the lip where the inner fender bolts on the front half, and drilling about a dozen lightening holes I ended up at 19.060 lbs, a savings of 6.53 lbs per side! At this point I really don't see where I could get much more than a few more ounces out of it, unless I removed the rear brace completely. I thought about that one a while, if I removed it I would have to add a support for the fender to keep it from flopping around more than likely, which would very likely be a wash weight wise. So I'm going to stop here and be happy to have found 13.06 lbs of weight reduction for basically free!