Ol’ Blue is Back Home, 25.3 Cage Done

Front J-Bars After showing off the new cage at the MAKO race in Wichita Saturday, we finally got the Nova back home once again! Kurt got the front J-Bars done, new wheel tubs in (I hope we never have to mini-tub this car again!) and finished up the rear firewall/deck. I was surprised how close to stock the rear firewall ended up looking by integrating the rear hoop part of the cage. Rear Firewall I could hardly wait to get the car back on the scales to see how much weight the new cage added, and I was pleasantly surprised! Due to this not being an exact comparison with when I took the car to Riffel I can only approximate the weight of the new cage but best guess is it's about 180-190 lbs total! Not bad considering how many bars are in there... Current weight of the car is now 1676 and when we took it over there it was 1425, however there are numerous items in the car in addition to the cage such as the wheel tubs, motor plates, master cyl, rear firewall, battery mount, trans crossmember and driveshaft loop, door panels, dash pad, etc. Without pulling all that back out, I can't be real accurate but it looks like we did good in the weight dept. Trans Mount Now I've got a ton of work to do making deck lid mounts, dzus rails and mounts for the front end plus a dozen other must do's before we send it to the body shop. Guess it's time for me to get back to work again!