More Firewall Work

firewall2sumpLast night I found out for sure that my plan to move the dry sump tank behind the LF tire was actually going to work for sure.  I removed the air boxes from the outside of the firewall and fabbed up a mount for the Dry Sump Tank, test fitted an old fender and yahoo! Everything clears! It's not a big deal, but it got that weight approximately 4' further to the back of the car and that should help a little bit.  Since switching to the new Dart block, the Nova has had a lot more weight on the nose than it needs, so I've been working on weight reduction and moving what weight I can. Lot of work, but every little bit helps.  Oh, the removal of the air boxes was worth approximately 9+ lbs. Not a lot, but combined with the 13 lbs off the fenders and we're getting someplace. I'm almost all done filling holes on the firewall, as you can see the windshield wiper motor hole is filled, throttle cable, clutch pedal and wiring holes are now blocked off. Should look real nice once it's all painted.  I've got a few more things to do, like adding some downbars from the cage to the front clip (another reason to move that tank so I could do that), but I'm slowly making some progress.


JASON ULVEN » 6 Mar 2009 »

I wish I had removed the air boxes on mine now we thought long and hard about it. Then we could have copycatted you.Looks good.Jason

John » 6 Mar 2009 »

Thanks Jason – You guys going to make the first shootout at Ozark?

JASON ULVEN » 7 Mar 2009 »

Not looking like it but ours is coming along.Our painter is taking our panels so it won’t be long before we haul the body in an he lays some paint.It got to the point where it was do you want a show car or a slick race car on the body work.I took a slick race car I AM READY for some racing.I cant tell you how many times we blocked that stuff just to find another little spot that needed filled.How about you are you going to make to Ozark this year for any?I am planning on a MAKO/MOKAN and some VAMP races just for fun.With no power adder I will be bring up the rear but it will still be a good time for me and Dad and I need some seat time badly.

John » 7 Mar 2009 »

X2 Can’t get too picky on a race car, if you do you’ll just cry when you start scratching it up haha. Yes, going to try and make some races at Ozark, MoKan and of course MAKO whenever we get ol’ Blue back on her legs.

JASON ULVEN » 9 Mar 2009 »

My Dad jokes that we need to take turns hitting it with a wrench the second it is done that way we don’t feel bad when it happens. Some friends of ours had about 8k paint job put on there race car and it looked good.So one night Dad and I took it to the track to do some testing for them and the alternator fan blew up and put a hole in the hood. Now the new is gone/ease is gone if you know what I am saying.Now we are thinking of putting one of those ouch band-aid stickers on it and not having it fixed for fun.LOL!I love this page keep us udated.Jason

71 nova (Ken) » 27 Mar 2009 »

Hey John,
I assume your using a trans shield of some type? Did you have to modify the upper trans tunnel to allow it to fit? I just got done fitting a CSR composite shield to my TH350 trans (which they said would fit a stock body, haha). We had to cut out the top of the trans tunnel and bang it up and reweld a plate back in to get it all to fit without interference. Did you do something similar?

John » 27 Mar 2009 »

Hey Ken,

I’m using a Neal Racing Glide which has the Dedenbear case, no shield or firewall/trans tunnel changes needed. On my old TH400 I used a blanket and a J & W bellhousing, I don’t think I could get a regular shield in there without doing something like what you had to do.


71 nova (Ken) » 27 Mar 2009 »

That makes it easy! I hope my TH350 lasts behind my 650HP 408 after all this work! We’ll see…
I’m kinda suprised you are just now adding the front end supports from your roll cage, especially with a BBC up front! LOL I bit the bullet and put them in when we installed my cage. Do you notice much front end flex on those wheels-up launches? From the pics, it looks like you car launches pretty straight.

John » 27 Mar 2009 »

Yes, it was flexing enough to deactivate the nitrous switch on the carb mid wheelie. Didn’t really notice it until I switched to a rod linkage for the throttle.