New Site

I've been planning on making a blog someday, and have finally got around to doing one. Right now I'm adding some old posts to the "Nova" category that I had from some other old pages. Once I get caught up with some of that I'll start posting some new stuff.On this blog it's hard to tell what you might find, but if you're into racing and SEO I think you'll be interested... Grab a feed and keep informed.


phil Rowe » 17 Dec 2008 »

Hey John,

Boy this sure is different kinda cool but I have no idea what you mean by grab a feed !!


admin » 17 Dec 2008 »

Hey Phil – If you’ve got a feed reader the site will send you new posts when they are put on the website.

John Hilderbrand » 17 Dec 2008 »

Nice Job John

John H