Hot August Nights Win at Ozark Raceway Park

Hot August Nights Win at Ozark Raceway Park

In August we raced MoKan Dragway’s Hot Summer Nights 7 which is a “Run whatcha Brung on 10.5’s” race, we got to the semi-finals at that race with a best pass of 4.86@149. We tried out the M/T Pro Bracket Radial at this race and learned a few things – for one they are a lot more forgiving and can recover easier, but the car does not like the taller tire.

Next we raced at Ozark Raceway Park’s Hot August Nights race August 13th, and boy did lady luck shine on us at this one. We qualified #1 with a 5.23 in the heat which luckily got us a 1st round bye. Next round, we also lucked out and got a competition bye and ran a 4.83@150 which gave us lane choice in the final against our good friend Tony Phillips.

Both Tony & I turned them up in the final, and we got a bit too carried away on the tuneup which was more than the track could hold for us… Anyway that resulted in a bit of a scary pedal fest and we came out on top on that one – it was our turn after all! We would have rather had a good close race, but we’ll take the win regardless.

Now we have a bit of downtime to do some maintenance and work on a few projects before the next race.

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