Switching to 275 Radials – Will it hook?

Switching to 275 Radials – Will it hook?

After watching the awesome 60′ times the 275 radial cars have been laying down, I finally made the decision to give them a shot this year. The Nova will be legal in every class in this area with this tire, and quick too “if” I can make them work. This might be interesting on marginal track surfaces but we do have a lot of power control capability on the car, so I think we have a decent chance of them working.

Putting 275’s on 12″ rims was not all that fun to get them to seat on the rim, 1st one went on pretty good but the second fought us for about 30 minutes before it gave up. I used Permatex Hi-Tack to glue em’ on (that’s some sticky shit!), and we’re going to screw them also as I’m not sure the glue will hold them on the wide wheels. It’s certainly strange looking now with the little tires on it, and a bit funny. We’ve gone full circle now. 3 time’s I’ve redone the mini-tubs on the car to hold progressively wider tires, now we’re all the way back to the original tire size I had on the car when I started messing with it.

Next project is a gear change, we had 4.10 gears in it and thought that might be a bit much for this tire so going up to a higher gear. The to-do list is getting shorter and shorter!

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