New BBC Dry Sump Mount

New BBC Dry Sump Mount

Trying something a little different this time for the dry sump pump mount, I got this idea from Andy Frost who is running his this way, and it’s a very common setup on Sprint Cars.

Jim Wein’s made the fancy pump bridge for me, and it fits up great. He does some nice work! Only problem I noticed last night when I test fit everything is that I’m going to have to make up something for a timing pointer, so one more project is on the list.

This weekend I hope to pressure and vacuum test the crankcase to see if everything is sealed up. I’ve got a vacuum source capable of 20 in. hg., and a low pressure air regulator, so I think we’ve got everything to do it with. I’m planning on putting a maybe 2-5 psi in it, then spray things down looking for leaks, then if that all looks good, we’ll attempt to pull a vacuum on the crank case.

I’ve spent some extra effort this time in getting everything sealed, the engine now has double lip seals on both ends of the crank, and the cam drive has one as well.

I figure if it can hold 20″ with the small pump (and old refrigerator compressor) then it is probably sealed up pretty good. We’ll test with all the valves shut (rockers off) and spark plugs in to hopefully seal off leaks past the rings.

In our spare time, we also got the door rubber put in the car and new window seals, BTW – If you need window seals, the seal that the windows roll up into, the Summit PN#┬áMMP-IS-GR17 is a perfect fit for 3rd Gen Nova’s, and you’ll need two of those PN’s to have enough for both doors.


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