Bash in the Backwoods Win at Ozark Raceway Park

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We got our first win of the season June 11th at Ozark Raceway Park’s “Bash in the Backwoods” race in the Drag Radial Class. Just barely edged out Tony Phillips in the final 4.85 to Tony’s 4.88. I was very happy to finally get the car to go down the track after all the problems we had at the first race of the season not being able to get it to hook. Still have a handful of issues to continue to work on, but we’re making headway. Hot track’s are still quite a problem, we should probably switch to the new pro bracket radial like everyone else has, that would certainly help.

Best I can tell the new Hipster Aluminum transbrake we used is a LOT more violent at the hit, I think it’s a bit faster releasing too.  I’ve been playing with the converter charge pressure some and have it softened it up a bit, but still more aggressive than it was before.  The car seems to be making some good power even though the engine’s due for new hone and pistons, it’s a bit sloppy. That line-2-line coating has let us get one more season out of these pistons than I think we had got without it, certainly going to use it again. We went 150.77 in bad air and haven’t started putting any timing to it yet.

Our next race is Ozark’s Fly your Flag Shootout July 9th, then over to Kansas International Dragway for their Summer Nationals.

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