Kansas International Dragway Xtreme 275 Win

Kansas International Dragway Xtreme 275 Win

[youtube id=”lqEZUWsEwvM”]

Despite problems trying to qualify in the heat once again, we finally got our act together in 1st round of eliminations and made some progress and ended up in the winners circle again! No personal bests this time, I was focused on just getting the car from a > b. I think our best pass was in the final against my friend Tim Webb in his Turbo Big Block Malibu. We ran a 4.91@148 and Tim cranked up the boost too much and spun at the hit.

I hope we don’t fight qualifying all season long, but that’s how last year went as well.  The above vid was the best pass during 130+ track temps at Wichita, luckily it was 7 cars for an 8 car field and we were in regardless.

This Nova just does not like hot tracks, certainly something I’m going to have to work at improving if possible. We’ll probably start next with a converter change, the car currently has a very tight converter and needs loosened up.  Marty at Neal Chance has two new stators on their way to try out, that should help.

Regardless Chris & I got it done once again, that’s 2 for 2 this year, I hope we can keep the momentum up!

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