First Race Win of the Season – 2017

First Race Win of the Season – 2017

Our first time out for the 2017 season and we hit a home run! All of our off season changes worked together for a change and we were able to lay down a 4.87 right off the trailer with a very soft tuneup. Next round of qualifying we turned it up a bit and Ol’ Blue went 4.75, in the heat of the day on a hot track.

Now that might not sound like much, but we’ve fought hot tracks for what seems like forever, but between the stellar track prep at Ozark Raceway Park and the new changes to the car, it was pretty satisfying to be able to go not only A > B in the heat but to also go pretty quick. We turned it back down for Q3 as it was a 2 pm, and pretty hot, Q4 we went back to the Q2 tune up and it clicked off a 4.759 at almost 152 – a new high MPH for us.

Round one of eliminations we got a bye due to odd # of cars, so we turned it up a little and went 4.71@152.23, tweaked it some more against Russell Foreman in E2 and broke the track record with a 4.6768@152, but barely squeaked by with the win as I was late on the tree and Foreman ran a new PB himself in the 4.70’s. In the final round we faced up against Tony Phillips once again, Tony knew we were gonna go for a quicker pass and he turned his up also, but must have been a bit too much as he spun, we on the other hand had problems and the car slowed to a 4.84 and lost 7 mph. Later I discovered I left a plug wire off, can’t complain as it worked but I really need to start double checking things like that!

All in all very good weekend, car worked great and performed better than ever, we got the win and had no major problems!

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