Aluminum Cowl Plates

Cowl Covers Still working on the firewall, but I'm getting closed to finishing up on my to-do list. Sunday I made these aluminum cowl plates to cover up the big holes in the cowl. Since the hood I'm using replaces the OEM cowl cover, it left two big holes at the top that I didn't like the looks of. So,  after a lot of surgery to the top of the cowl so the plates could lay flat, and a handful of Dzus brackets I've got some handy dandy covers for it now - and they don't weigh too much. The area around where the wiper motor used to be had to be split and sectioned, then rewelded in order for the plates to sit flat. Also had to make a piece to fill in a hole near where the left wiper arm was. What looked like simple project turned out to be quite involved, but done now so I can move on to the next project.

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71 nova (Ken) » 27 Mar 2009 »

Nice work, John!

Quote: “What looked like simple project turned out to be quite involved…”, Ain’t that the truth. How quickly the “simple projects” turn into major ordeals! Happens to me all the time.