Nova Fiberglass Dash

Nova Fiberglass Dash

Chris & I wrapped up the fitment of the new Glasstek fiberglass dash last night. Only had to take it in and out a thousand times to get all the cage bar slots put in it, but finally got it done.

It won’t be a huge weight savings, however at this point we’re having to chase a few lbs here and there to make progress. The good thing is it certainly makes it easier to work on the electrical stuff when you can pull it out completely. The dash, before cutting, weighs about 6lbs, it might be down to 5 or so now after all the trimming.

The biggest weight savings with the fiberglass dash update was the removal of all the previous dash mounted gauges as we’re switching to a digital dash from RPM Performance. That saved about 12 lbs overall and it sure cleaned up the wiring as well. Next up for projects we’re getting stainless fender exit headers built then will be finishing up the rewiring project as well.


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