Converter Bypass Plumbing

Converter Bypass Plumbing

Here’s the latest project been wrapping up here during the off-season, while I’ve got the engine out I had the opportunity to clean up the plumbing on the transmission. Last year after the transmission freshen up, the changes made to the trans resulted in higher converter charge pressure. Well the converter didn’t like that, the higher pressure tightened it up a bit too much, so Keith Neal, my transmisison guy, had me install a bypass to bleed some pressure down.

We haven’t got to test this at the track yet, but hoping it’ll loosen up the converter just a bit and reduce some of the thrust on the crankshaft as well. I went with all steel lines primarily due to the heat in that area from the headers and to clean things up a bit.

Yes, I know Green tubing is ugly, but hey that’s all that was available locally here. For some reason brake line tubing is now olive drab green? What genius came up with that color? I’m probably going to lose some style points for this one!

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Larry Thomas » 14 Feb 2017 »

Great looking install on the converter bypass valve. Do you remember where you got the bypass valve or a part number?

John Heard » 28 Feb 2017 »

I got the valves from Dave at

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