Spy Shot – Mike Duffy’s Wheels at Tulsa

Mike Duffy from MDRC has been busy working on Marty Chance's Mustang quite a bit here lately. If you get a chance to look this car over closely at one of the races here in the midwest, by all means do so. I shot this picture of the rims on the car during the Throwdown in T-Town at Tulsa October 16th. Look closely and you'll see tabs for mounting wheel discs to help cut Aerodynamic Wind Drag on the car. The previous NMCA Xtreme Street car is also sporting a brand new nose, with a deep belly pan on it, all to help buck the wind better. The changes must be working as Duffy went 5.12 with it while I was there Saturday watching, and he says there's a lot more in it. That's pretty darn good for a F1 powered small block!