Destructive Nitrous Flow Testing

Destructive Nitrous Flow Testing

When doing some flow testing here recently, we learned a few things we really didn’t want to find. We ended up pushing the Highpower Nitrous Pulsoids to their limits recently when doing some flow testing. Technically, they did not reach their limits even though their coils were cooked to this exteme, they still functioned correctly and did not short out.

What happened here is the result of pushing pulse frequencies up higher than we have tried before at these current loads and in a result, back EMF blew out the MOSFET’s in the Progressive Controller output circuits. When a MOSFET fails, it shorts out, which meant these two super high power pulsoids stayed on TOO LONG, and got very hot as in “What’s that smoke??? Oh crap…” kinda hot. So, we failed the smoke test. But, we do know what caused it and will get it corrected.

The entire concept of high frequency pulsing is to smooth out Nitrous Delivery, and we’re trying to learn what works, and what is a problem. Well we found it! Highpower is redesigning the output circuits for this application to handle what we’re attempting to do and we’ll have repair parts here soon.

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