Awesome Fly Killer

flymotelIf you're like me, flies drive you nuts, and around here in the summer time, they can be quite the pests. After playing around with the old school sticky tapes hanging in the garage - the ones you end up walking into when you're not paying attention - yes those,  I found this deal at Wal-Mart. It's called the Black Flag Fly Motel and it's one of those things that just flat works like crazy. This picture shows about 1 weeks buildup of flies it's captured - I know it's gross looking, and it sure stinks if you get close to it, but boy does it work!!  These several thousand? flies aren't buzzing around bugging me in the garage, and that's a good thing! I don't know what the stuff is in the lure they give you with it, it's just some powder stuff - (ground up cow poop?) but it works ok, but when it really starts working is once there's a few hundred flies in it. I guess they can't resist their own decaying smell.  Anyway, this here product gets a two thumbs up for keeping flies out of your garage, and house!


kevin » 10 Aug 2009 »

john can you tell me how long the comp-engineering frame connectors are,I have tried to contact them but they do not return calls.

John » 10 Aug 2009 »

They are about 38 1/2″ from the leading edge to the spring bolt hole. Note that the front part overlaps the front subframe some when installed.